iPad Insurance

We first met the iPad in 2010, when it was introduced by Apple as their first tablet computer. Since then Apple have sold around 20 million iPads worldwide and released six standard iPad models with 9.7-inch touchscreens and three iPad mini versions with a 7.9-inch screen.

Many of the features have remained the same – email, Safari, iTunes, Game Center, and apps to suit you. But the operating system available for users has gone from iOS 3.2 in 2010 to iOS 9.0 in 2015, and we’ve seen improved memory storage, better graphics and more powerful processors in the latest models.

If you’ve shelled out for an iPad getting insurance will ensure you’re protected against any form of theft and damage, whether it’s a cracked screen or systems failure. Paying a bit for insurance now will save you paying lots later for repairs or a replacement iPad.

Our iPad Insurance lets you protect your iPad from as little as £2.99 per month.
For a small monthly price you can rest easy knowing your iPad is completely covered.