iPad 2

iPad 2 Insurance

The second generation iPad 2 is lighter and faster than the original iPad. Within the first weekend of sales in March 2011 over a million units were sold by Apple. The A5 processor means better performance than the iPad 1, with a front and back camera now fitted enabling video calls through the FaceTime app.

When it came out the iPad 2 featured the iOS 4.2 and it can support the most recent iOS 9.0. Storage levels available included 16, 32, and 64GB. Like the iPad 1 the display was based on 1024 x 769 pixels. Production was discontinued in March 2014.

If you’re using an iPad 2 insurance is a smart move to protect against damage and theft. Otherwise if you drop you iPad and crack the screen or if it gets wet and won’t work you’ll be the one having to pay all over again for a new tablet.

Our iPad Insurance lets you protect your iPad from as little as £2.99 per month.
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